Key Features

NIRC-2020 highlights the best practices significantly used in engineering analysis and simulation, additive manufacturing and product design from various sources including design houses, industries, research laboratories and universities.

About the Regional Conference

The impact of Engineering analysis, modelling and simulation activities and the way businesses are driven globally are more dominant than ever before. Changes in software, hardware, techniques and best practices have been staggering in the past ten years alone and the community driving that change continues to grow and develop to encompass every part of the product development process.

NAFEMS is the only independent Non-Profit international organization dedicated exclusively to everyone involved in engineering analysis, simulation, modelling, wanting global practitioners and scholars to be a part of it.

The Regional Conference will bring together industry users, technology experts, academicians and software vendors alike, allowing all those with an interest to take part in the only truly independent, international forum dedicated to analysis, modelling, simulation and 3D printing.

  • Expert Speakers / Technologists having vast industry experience in different domains.
  • Speakers with PhDs from reputed institutions like IISc, IIT, NIT and foreign universities.
  • Case Studies from National and International Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Nuclear, Electronics and Manufacturing organizations.
  • Establishing Industrial connectivity.
  • Exhibition to showcase hardware and software products and solutions.
  • Deliberations of Industry heads on the latest and future technologies.


  • Practical Aspects of Finite Element Analysis
  • Practical Aspects of Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Practical Aspects and Applications of 3D Printing Technology.

Exhibitors / Sponsorship

Kindly contact the convener for Exhibiting & Sponsorship

For more information please contact the Convener NIRC 2020  

Dr. S. Shankar, Tel: + 91 962 054 3017, E-mail ID:


5th Cross, 12th Main,
NRI Layout, Kalkere, Ramamurthy Nagar,
Bangalore 560043, Karnataka.

Conference Topics

            1.Design, Optimization & Allied Themes


  • Topology, Shapes and sizing
  • Structural and Fluid
  • Multi-disciplinary/ multi physics/ multi objectives
  • Design/process integration
  • Shock/Impact/Crash
  • Simulation Governance
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Extreme Scale Simulation

                                        b.Applications and Case Studies

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Foundry
  • Medical
  • Tooling and Manufacturing

                                        c.Analysis and Engineering Education

  • Industry Integration
  • Practical Aspects of Stress Analysis
  • E- Learning
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Outcome Based Education
  • Employability Aspects
  • Post processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Assembly Simulation

            2.Engineering Analysis and Simulation

                                        a.Structural Analysis and Simulation

  • Linear and Nonlinear Analysis
  • Joints
  • Thermal Structural Analysis
  • Injection Moulding
  • AR & VR for Simulation
  • Uncertainty Quantification


  • Turbulence
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • Multiphase and Phase Change
  • Meshing & Methods

                                        c.Dynamics and Testing

  • Crash & Seismic Simulation

                                        d.Multi Body Simulation

  • MBS and FE
  • Automation of Analysis
  • Virtual Testing


  • Layer Optimization
  • Draping
  • Damage and Failure Criteria


  • Coupled simulation
  • Fluid-structure Interaction
  • Vibro Acoustics


  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Taguchi Methods
  • Variational Studies

                                        h.Fatigue and Fracture Analysis

  • Creep
  • Thermo-Mechanical Damage
  • Fatigue Life Evaluation

            3.Additive Manufacturing

  • FDM
  • Laser Sintering
  • Rapid Casting
  • Stereo lithography
  • Micro AM
  • Process Parameters & Optimization
  • AM Interfaces DFAM
  • AM Standards
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • 3D Scanning