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About NAFEMS….

NAFEMS, established in 1983, is the only independent, not-for-profit, international organization dedicated to simulation technology (CAD/ FEM /CFD). It is head quartered in UK   and its  stakeholders include simulation technology providers, researchers, and academia from more than 70 countries in Asia, Europe, USA etc….More

Conference Venue : The Chancery Pavilion, Ashok Nagar, BENGALURU

Publishers for Conference Papers

NAFEMS India Felip

International Journal of Engineering Analysis,Simulation & Additive Manufacturing

Nafems india springer

Springer Lecture Notes

International Journal of
Rapid Manufacturing

Council Members

Dr. Costas Stavrinidis
NAFEMS Council

Dr. Manfred  Zehn
Vice Chairman
NAFEMS Council

Mr. Tim Morris
Chief Executive
NAFEMS Council