NAFEMS, established in 1983, is the only independent, not-for-profit, international organization dedicated to simulation technology (CAD/ FEM /CFD). It is head quartered in UK   and its  stakeholders include simulation technology providers, researchers, and academia from more than 60 countries in Asia, Europe, USA etc….
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PSE Certification

PSE (Professional Simulation Engineer) Certification allows engineers and analysts within the international simulation community to demonstrate competencies acquired throughout their professional career. Independently assessed by NAFEMS,the certification enables individuals to gain recognition for their level of competency ….
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NAFEMS has published 200 publications, covering many areas within engineering analysis and simulation.

NAFEMS is the premier source for analysis and specific information with 8-10 new textbooks, reports, benchmarks and journals produced every year.
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NAFEMS Council

Dr. Costas Stavrinidis
Chairman – NAFEMS, UK


Prof. Manfred Zehn
Technical University Berlin, Germany


Mr. Tim Morris
Chief Executive, NAFEMS


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